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Individual Counseling

Like the great 13th Century Zen Teacher Dogen Zenji wrote, “If you fall on the ground, stand up by the ground.” Though our problems sometimes bring us into therapy feeling clueless and hopeless, amazingly these same problems can provide a way for us to live richer, fuller, and more engaged lives. Maybe you feel frustrated with your family, maybe you can’t find a partner, maybe your work feels unsatisfying, or maybe your life feels meaningless. Maybe you’re tired of dealing with the after-effects of an abusive childhood, or maybe you need support through mourning a loss. Or maybe you just feel overwhelmed from living in a disconnected and stressful society. These reasons and more are why people seek therapy, and these same reasons and more are what help people, surprisingly, come back to their lives with more openness and kindness.

In individual therapy, we work together to create real change by helping you develop insights into how your life is working.  We help you feel deeper into your life. We help you develop healthier, more effective coping skills. Sometimes people come to therapy to mourn, sometimes people come to therapy to understand, but most importantly people come to therapy to heal. And that is what we will help you do.  For those who commit to the process, therapy can help you learn to love and understand who you actually are. Above all, I believe in fostering a safe and comfortable therapeutic environment, where you feel like you can truly be yourself. I bring compassion and curiosity to my work, and I think it is necessary to explore the totality of who you are: mind, body, emotions, and spirit.