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“Brian Miller worked with me during a very difficult time in my life. I’m drawn to holistic practices & therapies so I appreciated finding someone who combines traditional therapeutic techniques with a mindful approach to mental health and wellness. As the mother of a special needs son with a partner who was suffering from cancer & ultimately died, Brian’s counsel was essential in helping me move through the different stages of grief & handle the crazy amount of stress I was under. He encouraged me to stay in touch with what I was feeling and go within. The outcome of that period was not what I’d hoped for. It was neither pretty nor easy. Our work together, along with the support of close friends & family, is what enabled me to keep it together & keep moving forward. If you’re looking for a kind, compassionate, mindful therapist, Brian’s your guy.” -Mercedes M.


“I'm so glad I found Brian. He had a gentle pace but moved quickly enough for me to notice the effects immediately.  He is warm and relatable, not stuffy, non-judgmental and completely "present" in all of our sessions.  I didn't come in crisis, I came to therapy to improve my quality of life.  Brian helped me overcome negative patterns that kept me from achieving life goals.  Thanks to the work I did with Brian, I felt capable of taking a risk in a relationship which eventually turned into a marriage and a family.  I know that I did the work, but Brian definitely helped me get there.  I am so grateful.” -Eve B.

"I saw Brian after the death of my fiancé. I had tried three therapists before I met him, and he is the only one I clicked with.  He helped me through one of the most difficult periods of my life. He is extremely talented and compassionate and I highly recommend him." - Lisa H.

"Brian was a great and empathetic facilitator of the tough conversations I had to have with myself. He helped guide me to be more in touch with my emotions and gave me new ways to look at both the good and bad in my life with compassion." -Kurt B.

“Brian is patient, kind  and realistic. He provided the structure and push I needed in order to help me acknowledge and process certain emotions and feelings I was afraid to access. While it was sometimes a difficult process, I was able to see the benefits of our work together quickly. I am a better, more aware and more well-rounded person because of the things I learned about myself through Brian’s guidance. He is a talented therapist and I would highly recommend him.” -Jamie M.

"Brian Miller is a thoughtful, smart, and reflective therapist. His marriage and family therapy skills are excellent and have helped many people. He is a very fine therapist with a great future."-Dr. Stephen Treat

"Brian was there for me when I had a lot change and confusion in my life. It was my first time working with a therapist and he spoke my language of Buddhist based mindfulness practice and being with what is. He also showed me a lot of simple techniques for looking at my life which are probably basic psychological ideas, but were just what I needed to hear. Also I really appreciated and still to this day use the techniques of sensing the bodily feeling of certain emotions and working with those physical sensations. Lastly, I appreciated that we did our work for about a year and didn’t dwell on the past too much. We worked through the issues that I was having or things that just needed illumination in my life and then ended our sessions when the time felt right."        -Michael D.

"Brian helped me with a lot of stuff—he knows a lot of different skills to teach people who are struggling—but more important than that he really showed up. He really gave himself—his whole, real self—to our sessions. Is there anything more valuable than that?"-Esther M

"With warmth, compassion, and the ability to challenge with care, Brian allowed for me to "be" without judgement and always allowed the opportunity to discover and embody my authentic self.  Brian saw me through a variety of challenges and roadblocks, and I always felt accepted, supported, and heard.  A truly skilled clinician, Brian's capacity to hold space allowed me to experience vulnerability, in good times and in bad." -Andrew G.

“Brian Miller is a very talented and intelligent therapist.  His integration of theories—about therapy, about life and about the change process—will be extraordinarily valuable to many clients going through difficult times.  Equally important is Brian’s character and temperament; he is kind, warm and highly ethical. He is  “present” in the best sense of the word, and I highly recommend him.        -Michele Marsh, PhD., Licensed Psychologist and Certified Sex Therapist

"I really enjoyed working with Brian. I found his method of mindful psychology to be effective, and his personal technique to be thoughtful, compassionate and attentive. He can be humorous at times, and the occasional disarming joke was helpful in adding levity to what can be a difficult process at times. I found it easy to communicate with Brian, and was able to focus fully on the work that needed to be done. Each session was productive and valuable to my growth at the time."          -Steve L.

"During a time of a lot of transition, Brian was a great help. I was able to think more clearly about my problems and learn about the emotions that come up when dealing with them. Although I don't live in the same city as Brian anymore, I still use what we talked about all the time. When we met it was the first time I saw a therapist as an adult and I made a lot of progress working with him."        -Leah H.