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Meditative Mind Psychotherapy 

Much of the work I do with clients involves helping them connect with themselves and their loved ones in the present moment. By bringing our awareness to what is happening right here, right now, we can look into what is truly informing our actions, our emotional reactions, and our ways of thinking. This includes exploring the felt sense in our bodies, and looking deeply into how our mind works. Developing this mindfulness, I can help you cultivate a life where you have a clearer sense of your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit. This is also key to opening up what is creative and flowing in us.

Whether or not you are engaged in a meditaitve or yogic practice, a development of mindfulness can foster healing and awareness in your life and your relationships. You don’t have to chant on a  cushion in order to develop and benefit from the techniques of meditation (though it can help!).

For those who are yoga or meditation practitioners, or for artists, writers, or musicians, an emphasis on mindfulness may have an extra appeal. Particular philosophical and psychological elements of your form of practice can be integrated into your therapy, whether it be a long-standing meditation practice or a casual interest in yoga. As a daily practitioner of Zen meditation and a musician, I enjoy helping clients find their own particular center, their own individual insights into their deeper selves, and I bring an appreciation and enthusiasm for the particular fun and difficulty people go through when exploring the healing practices or the arts.